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Ludlow is situated centrally in the Welsh Marches - the England-Wales borderlands, an area of unforgettable and varied natural beauty, which is full of hills, valleys, castles and characterful villages and towns.

The Welsh Marches is a term still commonly used to describe those parts of the English counties which lie along the border with Wales, particularly Shropshire and Herefordshire. There is no modern legal or official definition of the extent of the Welsh Marches. However in the past the Welsh Marches was a large administrative area covering Shropshire, Herefordshire, Cheshire, Gloucestershire and two thirds of Wales. 

Due to Ludlow's position roughly halfway along the north south running welsh border and the relative size and importance of the town and Ludlow Castle it was decided Ludlow would be the administrative capital of the Marches. As Ludlow's importance grew, so did the wealth of the town. Evidence of this can be seen in many of the buildings and homes from this period as well as the areas of Ludlow Castle which were used to house the Council of the Marches.

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